Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Unfortunately GP practices aren’t always able to provide ear wax removal. At Saltburn Hearing we want ear wax removal to be local and affordable. That’s why we provide microsuction wax removal for £50 for both ears

Microsuction ear wax removal equipment
What is Microsuction ear wax removal?

Microsuction ear wax removal is the safest and most advanced form of ear wax removal. It is a dry procedure and, unlike irrigation or syringing, has less risk of infections and perforating your ear drums. A small tube is used to suck out the ear wax. The microsuction procedure can be loud but should be painless.

We recommend that you use olive oil drops to soften the ear wax for 3-5 days before removal to ensure the wax is removed quickly and easily. We recommend Earol. If you have had operations on your ears we need to know before making an appointment as it may not be safe for us to use microsuction ear wax removal.

Appointments for ear wax removal are normally around 30 minutes. It is £50 for both ears and if it is not possible to remove all of the ear wax in one appointment your follow up is free.

How do I know if my ears are blocked?

You should always get your ears checked by a healthcare professional if you suspect there is a problem. Blocked ears can cause:

What is ear wax?

Ear wax is a natural substance found in the ear therefore it is natural to have a build up of wax, it's not a bad thing. Firstly, it is produced to help protect the ear against dust, dirt and bacteria. Ear wax is made up of skin cells, dust and oily secretions from the sebaceous and ceruminous glands in the ear canal. Secondly, it lubricates the ear canal and prevents it from becoming too dry.

What ear drops should i use?

There isn’t a right or wrong when it comes to ear drops, as long as you use them as instructed. What works for some people might not work for others.  Before microsuction ear wax removal we recommend using olive oil drops for 4-5 days. For irrigation (water method) these may need to be used for up to 2 weeks.

Why Olive Oil?

It’s a natural product that is gentle on your skin but softens wax effectively whilst creating the perfect consistency for ear wax removal. 

Can I use cooking oil?

You should use medicinal grade olive oil as it is medically approved, thinner than cooking oil and doesn’t dye your ear yellow!

Other types of ear drops

There are lot’s of ear drops on the market advertising the removal of ear wax such as Sodium Bicarbonate and Peroxide solutions. You may get some success with these drops, but be aware that they can irritate the skin and shouldn’t be used excessively. They can also make ear wax removal more difficult as they can make the wax sticky or chalky. 


Recommended olive oil spray

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