Custom Ear Plugs

Custom made ear plugs are ideal for many situations where we want to protect our ears.  ‘One size fits all’ ear plugs don’t work for everyone and all occasions. For custom made ear plugs we take impressions of your ears so that they fit like a glove, are more secure and provide greater protection. 

Price depends on the type of ear plugs but are between £80-150 for both ears. Contact us to discuss the options.

Water sports hearing protection by Pro-Aquaz
Pro Aquaz Filtered for water sports
Solid silicone swimming ear plugs
Puretone's swim plugs

Swim/Surf Plugs

Made to fit and be used over and over. Silicone custom swim moulds stop water from getting in your ears whilst swimming or surfing.
We work with Pro Aquaz, Moulded, ACS and Puretone to provide the best quality options available. Pro Aquaz and Moulded provide filtered surf plugs so you can still hear in the water.

Those that partake in aqua sports are prone to getting ‘surfers ear‘, especially if in cold water. It is important to protect your ears from the cold, wear ear plugs in the water and put a hat on when you get out to prevent ‘surfers ear’. 

noise reduction hearing protection ear plugs
Puretone's full shell plugs
Noise hearing protection canal tip for motorbikes motorscycles
Puretone's canal plugs

Noise Plugs

Ideal for industry, motorsport or avid gig goers. They can come with filters to allow you to hear whilst protecting from loud noise. Choose from canal or full shell, and pick your colour. 

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the second largest cause of hearing loss. Loud noises cause damage to the inner ear and over time this damage becomes permanent and more severe. If you take part in loud activities you should wear hearing protection. 

Ear plug filters
Elacin ER filtered noise plugs
Custom hearing protection by ACS
ACS Ear Plugs

Musician Ear Plugs

We work with well known companies ACS Custom and Puretone. Musicians plugs have interchangeable filters for different levels of reduction. They have a calibrated flat response, ideal for musicians and DJs. Choose your colour and filter level to customise them to your needs. 

Musicians are at risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) due to prolonged exposure to loud sounds. You should wear hearing protection when possible to prevent permanent damage. 

To be able to take impressions of your ears they must be clear of ear wax –  we offer microsuction ear wax removal for £50.

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