Hearing Tests

At Saltburn Hearing we think you should get regular hearing tests, we do it for our eyes so why not ears? Hearing tests with us are £30,  you will receive your results and impartial advice on your next steps. We don’t sell hearing aids, so there’s no pressure.


Equipment for hearing tests

How do we test hearing?

To test your hearing we use Pure Tone Audiometry, the industry standard for testing hearing. You wear headphones whilst we use a machine called an audiometer to deliver sounds at different frequencies and loudness levels. You press a button when you hear the sound, it’s as simple as that! We are trying to find the quietest sound you can hear, and record those responses on a graph called an audiogram. 

If you have a hearing loss we will also use a bone conduction head band to test your inner ear and check what type of loss you have. Your results will then be fully explained and printed out for you. If we need to make your GP aware of anything we will provide a referral letter.


Hearing test results explained

How to read results

Results are plotted on an audiogram. Across the top of the graph is the frequency (pitch) and down the left hand side is decibels (loudness). 

The further down the graph the more severe your hearing loss is. Hearing test results are no longer given in percentages, but are described as normal to profound, as seen in the graph to the left. Although humans can hear up to 20kHz when first born hearing is only tested between 250Hz and 8kHz as this frequency range is where speech is heard.

More information about hearing tests and hearing loss can be found here.

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